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                                       1680.                    185       119.


    To deprive ym of soe choise a blessing, (less then ye least of all saints) but yt

    having one heart, & living in peace ye God of love & peace may be with them

    continuing the toakens of his gracious presence in ye midst of them, for the good

    of them, and their children after them. ––––


                                                      Jesuah Moodey


                                          Increase Mather


                           In ye name & with the unamimous consent of


    May 24 1680                   the council.


    Joseph Trumble was dismissed to the church of Christ at Springfeild


     April 15, 1680 on a day of publick fasting & prayer The church of Christ

    at Rowley did renew ye covenant with god & one with another as alsoe the

    children of the Church [----] as followeth


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