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      32               1671


    98        ffrom Newberry March 17 1670/1   from the Lord Jesus Xst

    Tho ye ch of xst wch is at Rowley both Elder & brethren grace & peace be wth you


    Revd & dearly beloved in ye lord after ye long & troublesome differences in ye ch: it is well

    known to your selves yt in April ye 22nd last by ye help & advise of ye assembly of ye Elders &

    brethren of 9 churches we made an agreemt or consent yt ye Church of Newberry shall

    be governed by a ruler then agreed upon in all yr administrations  contayned in 5 Artic

    cles: Notwthstanding or troubles have still bin continued & lengthend out wthout all hope of

    Remedy in yt Estate ye Church stood in, having but one Elder & himself soe contrary

    to ye church wth whom he hath entered into ye late covenant or agreemt:

    Insomuch that we are wthout all orderly proceeding in any church matters

    noe members admitted, noe censure can pass on offendours, but our condition

    attended wth many evill occurrences to ye Dishonr of God, to ye reproach of con

    gregational churches, & especially to ys ch: as not being capable of healing of

    or distempers: In consideration wherof a brother of ys congregation hath

    lately attempted to deal wth Mr Parker, as concerning ye cause of all or troubles &

    contentions have proceeded from himself; But Mr Parker refused to hear him

    saying that none but Elders had to doe wth him; Wherupon this brother

    made this complaint to ye whole ch: one lords day, & desired the ch to

    appoint a time to hear him in his complaints: But Mr Parker forbids the

    brother to complain to ye church & forbade the Ch. to hear him: Notwth-

    -standing the church did stay & appointed a time to hear ye complaint &

    have mett & heard it: Then considering ye waight of ye cause, wth

    respect to ye person conserned in ye complaint, agreed to call in two nei

    =ghborring churches for advise, but ther came to our help but the messengers

    from Salisbury church onely; whose advise was that ye choise of officers Either

    Teaching or Ruling Elders, such as ye church should most unanimoulsy agree

    upon, would most conduce to our peace & quiett: wherupon 3 or 4 of ch

    brethren being sent to Mr Parker to desire his consent to yr advise, but he

    did deny it: the Church having adjourned their former meeting when yei

    heerd ye complaint, mett again at a time appointed, & passed their judgmt

    upon it, & being forced thereunto, to ye great greif & trouble of our hearts

    & by an act layd Mr Parker under blame suspending him from all offic[ial]

    acts untill he give the church satisfaction; onely to preach as a gifted bro

    =ther if he please: & haveing soe done they elected two Ruling Elders

    Mr Richard Dumer & Mr Edward Woodman & have appointed Thursday

    next for their ordination, This is therfore to request that you would be

    pleased to send your Messengers to give their approbation to ye work

    intended, & what help you can by ye furtherance of ye work: If your Revd

    Pastour would be pleased to preach us a sermon we shall be much obliged

    unto him: Thus we thought good to lay open to your understanding the

    order of or proceedings, as not desireing to walk in ye dark or any way

    to beguil your apprehensions; in case ye lord should stirr up your hearts to

    send us your help in a work that soe much concerns the glory of God ye

    peace of the Church, we hope you shall have noe cause to repent