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                            1675              139              (23


    Determine in this & in all other cases that concerne church affairs: yett


    we Exclude not heerby the help of that great ordinance of councill when ther


    is need . : If Mr Shepard after a year or two that he was with us upon tryall

    might leave us if he saw not meet to accept of or call without attending those

    chargs in yor 3d Quaery, Then the church might declare her not calling him

    any farther, after that time Expired, without attending thos things you mention

    They being in that case as free as hee.


        Wee have some Quæryes to propound alsoe touching irregular carriages

    of yours in these transactions as we conceive. As

    1    Whether if it be brotherly & Xstian carriage for brethren that dissent from ye

    churches voat to goe tell out of the church what they spake amongst themselves

    (being by several of your selves urged to it) to any out off the church to the

    defaming of your brethren & officer what in you say

    2    Whether it was becoming brethren to confess your fault (In voating with the

    church Januarÿ 74) to Mr Shepard as he affirmed before wittness; and

    never speak word to yor officer that you might have oppertunity to Express 

    before the church the grounds of your repenting of your own act

    3    Whether it be Regular for the minor part of the church or any of them to

    incorrage a minister to goe on to preach the word when the major part have

    declared by their voat that they call him noe longer to that work.

    4    Whether it savours not of faction or schisme to gather together a great many

    names of such as have nothing to doe to set to yr names to your quæryes : ffor

        1. Several of them have removed their dwellings out of Town, & therefore

          have noe power to vöt in church affaires heer

        2 Several of these names brethren (whose names one of you have subscribed to

           your quæries) not onely some removed but others yet dwelling amongst us, were

           not at ye church meetings, when the church acted about Mr Shepard, & ther

           fore is it not disorderly for the minor part of the church to call for their

           hands afterward

         3. One of these brethren viz Br Mighell was under censure when the matter

           of Mr Shepards joyning with the church was in hand, & therfore what ground

           for his hand to the first Quæry, or to calling a councill about it

           Alsoe another Br viz John Watson was under censure all the while these

           matters were in hand about Mr Shepard, both as to his joyning & the voat

           for his dissisting to preach heer, & was absent yea removed out of Town with

           his family when the voat was confirmed June 18 (75) & therfore we cannot

           but wonder at your actings to put in his hand, Especially this being added that

           he gave noe leave to your setting to his hand, noe knew not off it as he has

     owned before several

           4 Another brother whose hand you have set to viz Deacon Tenny gave noe

           leave to set to his hand nor knew not of it wch practice of yours you can

           not be ignorant what it iustly might be tearmed: to be sure such unfaythfull

           ness becomes not the house of God

           5 we inquire whether you had liberty from Br Remington & Brother Austin

           to set to their names, which if you hadd we farther inquire whether you

           may according to Rule set to their names to make up your number they being


           6 The premises considerd we inquire whether any more then twelve are to be

           lookt at as voating contrary to the major part of the church, noe more be

           ing absent when the last voat passed that dissented, Excepting Br Austin