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    June 1743. Mrs Jemima Parsons dismissed

    To the Chh. in Glocester ———


    A Number of aggrieved Brethren belonging to

    the first Church in Exeter, desiring Counsel

    the Church here were Stayed Oct. 13. 1743 &

    Voted that Deacon Pickard George Hibbert

    and Moses Davis go with their Pastor to Exe-

    ter, on Council at the Desire of Sd aggrieved Bren

         A Number of the Brethren of the first

        of Christ

    Church in Newbury being aggrieved Sent


    to the first Church in Rowley desiring their presence

    and Advice in Counsel, In answer to Sd Brethrens

    Desire the Sd Church in Rowley met Nov. 2. 1743

    and Chose Aquila Jewet Nathan Barker & Deacon

    Payson & John Northend, to go with ye Pastor of their

    Church to Newbury to join in Council &c.


      Feb 26. 1743. Daniel Palmer and

      Elizabeth his wife dismissed to the

      First Chh. in Gloucester — —


    In answer to a Letter from the Church of Christ in

    Byfield bearing Date May 22. 1744 The Church

    here June 17. 1744. Voted that Deacon Boynton Lieut.?

    John Northend, & Stephen Pearson with their Revd

    Elder go to join in the Ordination Council, there to be

                    Convened —–– —–