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    By Thomas Mighill  1774[52]    301


    and account of Persons Deceased in the first

    Parish in the Town of Rowley


    1 Hannah Todd wife of Jonathen

    April 21st

    2 Lieut Eliot Payson ----

    May 4th

    3 the Revd Jedidiah Jewett

    May 8th

    4 Jacob Jewett   ----

    May 27th

    5 Mary Marten wife of Nathll

    June 18th

    6 Samuel Plumers Infant ----

    July 3d

    7 Elizabeth Plumer Wife of Samuel

    July 5th

    8 Mary Ross wife of Jabez ----

    July 13th

    9 An Infant of Jabez Ross ---

    July 17th

    10 John Harris ----

    July 18th 

    11 Joseph Jewett ----

    Aug 1st

    12 An Infant of Jabez Ross ---

    Aug 21[53]

    By Joseph Scott.


    James Creses son


    Henrey Warrens wife



    widow Sawyer


    John Jewett  ––––––––––––––––


    amos Bayles Infant Child


    wid: Elizabeth Scott ––––––––

    march 1775

    Moses Palmers Infant Child


    Jonathan Todd –––––––––––––––


    Thomas Lambert _______________


    Deacon Clarks. wife ––––––––––



    [52] Entries by Thomas Mighill commence.

    [53] The remainder of the page is written in a different ink and hand.