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    March, 30. 1766. The Chh. was stayed after Meeting &

    chose Capt. Pearson, Major Gage, Capt Jewett Mrs Thomas

    Lancaster, and Jeremiah Todd to be a committee to

    try if they cant bring about a reconciliation between

    James Hidden and The Elders of the presbyterian Chh. in

    Newbury. and it they cant accomplish ys to collect &

    bring to the Chh., the evidences of the facts alledged

    against sd Hidden, by sd Elders.


         Sep. 25. 1766. the Chh. Met and voted

               for excessive drinking

    That Elisabeth Mighlil be suspended from Com.[31]


    till the Chh are satisfied of the reality of her re-

    pentance by some fruits of reformation.

      And voted that Sarah Haseltine, having pro-

    fessed her repentance, for her late sin of drinking to

    excess, be forgiven & have liberty of occasional com-

    munion        Voted also, That the Chh. Thanks

    be given to Deacon Pickard for his past Service

    in the office of a Deacon, and yt for time to come

    he be freed from the burdensome part of Sd Office, as

    far as he pleases, He being aged & having Served long.


     At a Meeting of the Brethren of the Chh. Dec. 3. 1766.

    It was voted yt Joseph Burpee & Jeremiah Jewett on

    behalf of the Chh. desire of the Clerk of the presbyterian

    Chh. Session on Newbury Port, a copy of the Elders pro-

    ceedings in that case of James Hidden, of which they have

    informed this Chh. and also all the further Light which both

    [31] I.e., communion.