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    Aug. 28. 1748. Ann Tenney was dismist to the Church

                in Hollis. ––––

    At a Meeting of the Chh. Aug. 29. 1748. Voted that

    This Chh. is offended with Samuel Kelley for the Report

    he has raised concerning Deacon Gibson,  and That Sd

    Kelley be suspended from the Communion of the Chh. untill

    he has made satisfaction to the Chh.


    At a Meeting of the Chh. Septmeber 7. 1748. Samuel Kelley

    appeared before the Chh. acknowledged his offence expressed his

    Repentance, and the Chh. by a Vote, accepted the Satisfaction

    he offered and restored him to Communion


    At the same Meeting Enquiry being made into the Report of

    there having been a Fight between Eben Hidden and Thomas

    Elsworth. Sd Elsworth owned the Fact professed his Re-

    pentance of it to the Satisfaction of the Chh. and was forgiven.

    Sd Hidden not complying as Elsworth did, Evidences were

    produced, and the Chh. voted that they were satisfied in their

    Minds that Sd Hidden had Sinned against God and his

    pp. in Sd fighting and farther voted that he should be suspended

    from ye Communion of the Chh. in Special priviledges till he had given

    them Satisfaction ––––––––––


    At a Meeting of the first Chh. in Rowley held by adjournment

    on Ocotber 5th 1748, the Question was put whether this

    Chh. are willing to dismiss Hannah Plummer to the

    first Chh. in Newbury and it passed in the Negative.

    And it was voted that it is expedient for this Chh. to send

    a Letter to Sd Plummer giving the reason Why we donot

    dismiss her to go ther with Some advice Warning to her, and

    to atach that a Letter of advice and Warning Be also Sent to

               such Members of this Chh. as partake of the