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    90                        24    1668 . 1669


    The church having had several times conference about calling

    others to help in the work of ye ministry heer in ye Room of or late dear

    & Reverend Pastor Mr Shepard at last June 6 1669 did vote to give

    Mr Samuel Brakenbury[89] a call to this place 2 or 3 onely seemd not

    see cleer as being desirous to have had yn some tast of Mr Alex Norwells

    abilityes they were Br Leaver Br Ellsworth Br Wood: After this

    vote a letter was sent in the churches name the next day by Br

    Peirson whom the church by vote sent as their messenger to him

    The letter was as followeth


                 Dear & much Respected Sr


    After thanks promised for your kind & acceptable labours amongst

    us in your last visit, these are to certify you, that the Church of

    Christ heer in Rowley have by an unamimous vote given you a

    call & Invitation to take part of ministerial work in this place

    in order to your full settlement & takeing office amongst us; If

    upon a competent time of mutuall tryall one of another the

    lord be pleased farther to cleer up his mind to you & us: ffurther

    by these you may understand , that as the Toun are desirous of

    another labourer in the ministry heer, as well as the church; so

    yourself is the man they doe desire, none dissenting that we

    know off : We hope Sr by this mediate call you may understand

    what Paul did gather by his Immediate call, that the lord has

    called you to preach the Gospel at Rowley : & therefore we entreat

    if god incline your heart to or motion, that you would with what

    speed maybe come over & help 16 Acts 9 10 : we have sent

    our beloved brother Peirson, the messenger of the church more

    fully to express our hearty desires to you.  The good lord direct

    your way unto us, & thrust you forth into his harvest heer if it

    be his blessed will: thus desireing communion wth you in your

    prayers we Rest

                                yor Loving brethren in Xt Jesus

                                         Samuel Philips

                                          Maximilian Jewit

                                In the name & with the consent

                                   of the Church of Xst at Rowley


    Mr Brakenbury answer to or letter was a thankfull acknowledgmt of

    the churches love; nameing several reasons yt moved him to in

    cline to or motion as his desire to be wth an other & with him that


    [89] Samuel Brackenbury (1646-78), a physician and probably not ordained, was assistant pastor at Rowley 1669-71.