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    And subscribe our selves your distressed brethren members of the

    first Church of Boston

       Dated at Boston 31 March 1669


    Will Davis       Peter Oliver     Tho: Savage      Edward Ranson

    Hez Usher        John Hull        Jos. Bock        Josh Scottow

    Rob: Walker     Jos: Belknap     Theop. Steacy    Edwd Raimsford

    John Wing        Benj: Gibbs      Jos: Davis       Josh. Belsher

    James Pemberton  Jno Alden        Wm. Salbec       John Sanford

    Peter Beckett    Benj: Thurston   Wm: Dawes        Tho: Brattle

    Jno Tappin        Jacob Elliot     Theod. Attkinson Seth Perey


    The Church of Rowley did send S. P. thinking because Ipswich sent only

    their two Teaching Elders that there would be none but such ther

    but ther was as many if not more of brethren then of Elders from

    the 13 churches they sent unto


    The Councill was very unanimous in their determination that ye

    dissenting brethren ought lovingly to be dismissed and in case the ch

    should refuse to dismiss them after intreating & sufficient time

    of waghting they were to declare their secession or withdraw

    ing from them

    The Reasons they desired a dismission were amongst others

    thes two 1 That Mr Davenport[49] held forth doctrines as touching the child:

    of Gods ch contrary to the Synod as to what they had bin taught Now the Apostles


    charge to follow ther fayth yt spoaken to us ye word of ye lord Heb 13. 7.

    2 In that he had noe call to be at Boston for as much as Newhaven never

    did give their consent (nor saw ground soe to do) to his leaving of them as

    appeared to ye councill by several letters: yet Boston first church went on

    in electing Mr. Davenport & he accepted and that ye way might seem ye

    clearer they had a letter of dismission from N. Haven. But what it was

    appears by what followes


    The Testimony of many of ye ministers of ye gospell in the

    Massachusets Colony in N. E. against the Scandall given by

    the present Elders of the first Church in Boston by their

    fraudulent dealing about the letters sent from the Church

    of New Haven to the Church of Boston dated ye 15 of

    the 5th month 1669.


    Wee being justly offended at the great & publick Scandall of Unfaythfull

    =ness & falshood committed by the three Revrd Elders of the first church

    in Boston, to the great dishonour of God, the Scandall of our profession

    the reproach of N. England, & of the Elders in particular, desiring to be

    found mourners in Zion for the same, And not perceiving as yet

    any suitable repentance for it: Least we our selves & or churches & ye

    countrey should be involved in the guilt therof if now full & open testi

    mony should be given against it beyond any that we have yet heard



    [49] John Davenport, former minister of New Haven, Connecticut, who moved to First Church, Boston, but was opposed by a faction of the church. Cooper, Tenacious of Their Liberties, 100-3.