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    David Tappan at Newbury Newtown –––– 



    the[35] Revd. Jedediah Jewett Deceased Lords Day

    May the eight Day Anno Domini 1774

    at a Meeting of the first Church of Christ

    in Rowley held May 24th. 1774.

    By a Vote. Mr. Thomas Lancester Sener[36]

    Was Chosen Moderator

    Thomas. Mighill was Chosen Clark and Sworn

    Voted that . Mr. Thomas Lancaster Senr Capt Georg

    Jewett, and be a committee to join with the

    Committee that Shall be chosen by the first

    Parish in Said Town to lease out the land

    (untill the first of January next) that was

    lately improved by the Reverend Mr Jewet

    Voted that it is agreable to the minds of

    this Church that the Parish provide Sum

    faithfull Man or Men to preach to them

    and us for the present hoping they may

    be directed as Shall be through the Blessing

    of Heaven for their and our edefication

    then the meeting was adjourn’d to the first

    Wednesday in June next. Met by adjourment

    June 1 1774 but and Desolved the Meeting.

                                 Thomas Mighill Sr


    May 29 1774 the Brethren of the Church

    Were Stayed and they appointed Mr. Thomas

    Lancaster and Thomas Mighill to examin

    Such persons, as Shall desire to enter into

    Covenant with Said Church of their meetness


    [35] Entries by lay scribe Thomas Mighill commence here.

    [36] I.e. “Senior.”