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                                    1676.                        145 79


            To the Church of Xst at Rowley

    grace be to you & peace from God the father & from ye lord Jesus Christ


      Revernd & dearly beloved in or Lord

    Wheras ther is risen up in or church at Salisbury great differences Especially

    about the excomunication of Major Pike wch we know not how to issue

    amongst ourselves, we doe yrfore earnestly intreat you yt you would please to send

    unto us yor Elder & messengers, to affoard unto us their judgmt counsell and

    assistance, which (through Gods blessing[)] may be an effectuall means to put an


    End to our differences in a way of God : I doe humbly take leave of you & Rest



                                            Yors to be comanded and serve in

                                                 the lord John Wheelwright


              In the name & with ye consent of ye church           1676

     The day appointed for ye meeting us ye 19th day of Septemb wch is

    the 3d day of ye week


    Accordingly the Elders & messengers of ye church sent out & mett upon the day appointed

    onely Mr Higgeson of Salem was absent : we heard what was matter of difference on

    both sides & ye major part of ye counsell concluded upon ye result following.


                               Septemb 22 1676

    Wee the Elders & messengers of our Several Churches respectively being assembled

    at the request of ye Pastor & Brethren of ye ch of Xt at Salisabury, to help ym in

    their present divisions, Especially in ye matters referring to ye Excomunication of

    major Pike. doe give in our result as followeth

      That all though we cannot have yt sence of ye words & actions of Major Pike as

    soe hainous & flagitous as ye Pastor & Brethren wth him have; yet we have

    a deeper deeper sence of it then Major Pike hath hitherto manifested to have

    & hope yt the lord may help him to further conviction of, & humiliation under ye

    same; & all things considered, we judg the sentence against Major Pike to be

    in some respect not Justifiable  some of wch are

    not attending fully to ye advise of ye Elders in ye Bay, nor ye messengers of ye church

    as called by hims 24 prov. 6.

    2 in his hazarding the breach of ye church 1 Cor 11 18 & 1 Cor 12 25 & 14 26

    3 in yt it was too sudden Eccl. 3. 11 Gall 6. 1

    4 In forming the vote wch was neither fairly not safely put 2 Cor 1 12 Phill 4 8.

    And have as we conceive they ought soe we advise they doe forthwith take off yt that Censure[49]

    and receive Major Pike into church fellowship

    And yt they may be inabled to walk together for ye future according to ye Rules of ye

    Gospell, we doe intreat & enact ym by our Lord Jesus Xt that they seriously reflect

    sf upon these unbrotherly carriages & animosityes & Exascerbations of spirit wch

    have appeared both in word & action, to ye great dishonour of God, scandall of re

    =ligion, & wounding of yr own soules, & yt they be deeply humbled before God for the

    same, confessing their faults to ye lord & one to another & forgiving one another

    and we judg it advisable yt a Solemn day of humiliation be kept in order to

    their future love & peace, yt ye God of love and peace may be with ym. And yt for

    the time to come, they with fear & trembling indeavour to avoyd what may



    [49] Conjectural reading where MS is damaged.