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    April[39] 6th 1777 the Chh were Stayed after Divine


    Service and Voted that the Minister that should


    at the Lords Table next Lords Day should act as

    Moderator for the Chh and be their assistant in

    admitting into Said Chh the Persons here named

    Viz Bethiah Dresser, Hannah Chaplin and

    Martha How.

    At a legal Meeting of the first Church of Christ

    in Rowley held May the 1st 1777.

    Mr. Samuel Dresser was Chosen Moderator

    Voted that ye Calling Chh meetings for the futer shall

    be as follows Viz on the request of three

    or more of the Brethren of the Chh to

    the Clerk of Said Chh Signifying what the

    meeting is for, he is to notify the Chh

    to meet leting them know what the

    meeting is for.

    Voted that this meeting be adjourned to the

    Seventh of may Instant in order to determine

    Who is the Clerk of Said Chh, being Sum

    dispute among the Breathern what tearm

    Capt Scott as Chosen to Serve as Clerk

    of Said Chh.

    Meet by adjournment May 7th 1777.

    Voted that Decn Thomas Mighill be continued

    Clerk of Said Chh then the meeting was

    desolved.        Thomas Mighill Clerk

    Novr 1777 at a meeting of the Chh Capt John

    Pearson was Chosen Moderator.

    By a vote the Chh made Choice of

    Decon Thomas Mighill and Dean Jewet to ride

     to Eunice Duty and informe her that

     they have hered that she lives in the Sin

      of fornication and desire her in the name

       of the Chh to write to the Chh and inform

        them how it is with her


    [39] Entries are again in the hand of Thomas Mighill.