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    Many awfull suspitions having been rumour’d abt ye Town

    concerning or Brothr Jonathan Jewett (Tanner) repre-

    senting him as guilty of dreadfull familiarity with

    The Wife of Jno Hopkinson: wrupon he was ordered

    to abstaine from ye Sacramt, ‘till ye matter might be

    Lookt into & discoveries of Truth made ~ ~ ~

         Septemb.r 20. 1719    The chh being desired to stay

                             After meeting; This case of sd

    Jewet was laid before ye chh. & ye Brethren judging

    it needful yt it should be searched into; they chose

    3 brethreen for that End vizt. Capt. Jno Peirson;

    Deacon Timothy Harris, & Cap.t Ezekll Northen; who

    were desired to Examine ye matter & make report to ye chh.

         The Return yt sd Brethren made to ye chh. was

    That the Witnesses had lodgd yr Testimonies upon File

    with Justice Woodbridge at Nubury: wrupon, ye church

    choose Sergt. Jno Stewart to procure a Copie yrof

               Which is as followeth vizt ––––––


                           The Testimony of Jeremiah

         Hobson & John Stickney, both of full Age, who

    saith yt on ye nineteenth day of April 1719 in ye night

    we were going by the House of John Hopkinson in Rowly

    & there hearing a mans voice in sd house, we went up

    to the Window & looked in & there we saw Jonathan

    Jewett (Tanner) of sd Rowley sit talking in sd House:

    And after a short time sd Jewett & George Dickinsons

    Wife, went away into George Dickinsons House. Then

    sd Jewett came out of sd Dickinsons house, & went to

    his own house, & stayed there a short time, & then went

    back again into sd Jno Hopkinsons house, & then we

    saw clothes hung up before the Window, soon after

    sd Jewet went into sd house; but notwithstanding

    there was a place left open, so yt we could plainly

    see into sd house ~. And there we saw Jonathan

    Jewet & Jno Hopkinsons Wife sit by the fire, where

    They had some talk very Low. And afterwards said