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    Nov. 30. 1755. Mark Platts and Hannah

    his Wife appeared before the Chh. confessed

    their Sin of Fornication and were forgiven


    Dec. 21. 1755. Mary Platts wife of Saml

    appeared before the Chh. confessed her Sin of


    Fornication comitted many years ago


    and was forgiven ––––––––––


    March. 7. 1756. Eliphalet Tenney appeared

    before the Congregation, confessed his Sin of

    Fornication and was forgiven –––––


    April. 29. 1756. The Chh. being Stayed

    after Meeting, James Hidden appeared

    and made Such Confession of his offences for

    which he was Suspended as gave Satisfaction

    to the Chh. and his Suspasion was taken off

    and he was restored to Communion ––––


    June 28. 1756. Mary Tenney W. of Eben

    ezer Tenny appeared before the Chh and

    Congregation made Confession of her Sin

    of Fornication, was forgiven and restored ––


    Jan. 11. 1757. the Chh. met to consider a Complaint

    made against Samuel Shelley and voted that a word

    of Admonition be dispensed to him in the publick

    assembly for his disorderly Speaking in time of publick

    Service, When the Revd. Mr. Lesley was preaching[19]


    [19] George Lesslie was the pastor of Ipswich, Linebrook Parish.