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    Meet by adjournment July 20th 1778

    a complaint being lodged with the Chh against their

    Brother Jeremiah Todd Mr Samuel Dresser Ensn John

    Jewett and Dean Clark was appointed to treat with

    Mr Todd and make report on the adjournment of

    this meeting

    Voted that the meeting be adjournd to the 6th of

    August next at half after Six oClock after noon

    then to meet at this place

    Meet by adjournment Aug 6th 1778

    Mr. Jeremiah Todd being accused of uttering words

    not becoming a brother he gave Such Satisfaction

    to the Chh they for-gave him.


    At a legal meeting of the Chh held Octr 6th 1778.

    Mr. Thomas Lancaster was Chosen Moderator

    Voted that the Revd John Cleaveland be invited

    to meet with us at the adjournment of this

    meeting and act as Moderator in Said meeting

    and give us Such advice as he in his wisdom

    Shall think Needfull

    Voted that this meeting be adjourned to next

    Fryday ten oClock in the four noon then to meet

    At this place.

    Meet by adjournment octr 9th 1778

    Voted that the Revd John Cleavand Preach

    with us the next Lords day and administer

    the Sacrement and if he cannot come to

    invite the Revd John Rogres

    Voted that the Minister that Shall

    assist at the Sacrament be moderator

    to admit Ruth Boynton to Join this

    Chh. The Chh being Staied after meeting

    Novr 26 1778 On the Desire of our Broather David

    Searl and Jude his wife was dismist from this

    Chh to the Church at Tempel[40]

                           Thomas Mighill Clerk


    [40] Temple, N.H.