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                  Byfield Church formed.[142]  198


    Aprill 20. 1702.    Elizaabeth Curtice ye wife of

          Ephraim Curtice, dismissed to Topsfield chh


    July 14 1702 I appointed a chh meeting abt

    Jonathan Look his case; & upon sd day ye chh met

    when some of ye dissatisfy’d Brethren related someth

    in way of Information agst. him from 2d hands only

    signifying that some informed them that they heard

    some prsons say that he had keept company with his wife

    before she was divorced, & that one watching with

    her in ye time of her fitts, together with sd Look, he ye

    sd Jonathan acted in such a manner with the then

    Herds wife (while ye other watcher feigned hims.

    a sleep) as if yr had bin another witness it would

    have cost them both their lives, and that Joseph

    Andrews of Boxford had said yt he had watched

    with sd Herds wife, along with Jonathan Look

    now because sd Look had affirmed to me & some

    others, that he never watched with sd woman at

    all while she was Herds wife; it was thought meet

    to deferr ye matter still & proceed no further with

    him untill that point was more cleered, according

    noth. furder was done abt. him at that meeting.


    Decembr 27. 1702 | Willm ffoster & Thô Pearly and

                     their wives were dismissed to Boxford

    1703 April  a chh meeting was appointed about

             Jonathan Look. who had notice of the

    thing and time; but ye Providence of God so

    over-ruled his thoughts yt he judgd it his best way not

    to be present, and so he came not at all; by means

    where of nothing could be acted abt his case

     But Byfield Presinct Soon aftr. Set up; where he was readily admitted.

    Sept 10. 1704 } Jonathan Woodman & his wife des were

                  dismissed & recomended to Bradford chh.

    Octobr 13. 1706 } Samll Brattlebank. Jonathan Wheeler. Benjam Plummer

                     Nathan Wheeler. John Brown. Andrew Stickman.

                     these with their wives. allso Mary Chute, and

                     Elizabeth Look; were Dismist from our chh

    In ordr to their Imbodying in chh order by yms at Rowlbery

                                              alias Byfield

    Novr 10 Collin ffrazer & his wife, dismsed on ye same account. 

    [142] Written in another hand.