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    74      140               1675


    who has expressed hims, that if it were to doe again he would not have

    voted as he did, both because he was absent when the voat passed in Janu

    =arÿ last past, & knew not how things were then carried but by report

                                                        fear   will

    and alsoe in that he was removing from the Towne; we wish it maynt appear

    that you have dealt with him in setting to his name as you did with Deacon Ten

    =ny & Br Watson

    5 We inquire whether if you can produce nothing wherin the church has sin

    ned or broaken Rule at least in your apprehension (of which we have heard

    nothing yet made out) your selves have not cause to be humbled that you have

    bin instruments to break the peac of this place, & for your Seperating from

    the church ; ffor after matters were a 2d time issued by claer voat you

    refused to joyne with your Brethren at ye lord’s table which is a knoan duty, &

    are the cause of its long omission : we had need before that soe solemn

    a part of Gods worship which by covenant we are bound to attend be not layd

    aside for disputable & questionable matters


    As concerning your affirmation that several other brethren doe express thems unsa

    tisfied with Mr Shepards being hindered to preach, wch is all one as to say

    they are unsatisfied with yr own voat; we Expect you should make it out, or

    Els we cannot but account it an injust reflection on your brethren ffor or


    own parts we know not a tittle that way, neither can we think any of or

    brethren that acted, would come to your selves to complain of yr own act

    what indeavours any of you have used to weaken the churches act, your

    selves best know, & yet we know in part by yor actings in ye names you

    have set to your Quæries


      Septemb. 15                                 Samuel Phillips In

         1675.                                    the name of ye church.


    octob 17 1675 Mary West made her acknowledgmt of her great sin of unclean

    ness & the church testified their acceptance of her acknowledgmt by a pretty full vote


    octob 18 1675 church mett at my house about Mr Shepards business to se how

    farr we could agree amongst our selves, but or dissenting brethren did not take

    Satisfaction by any light that was held forth to ym but desired a concell of Elders &

    pitched upon those Reverend Elders Mr Higgeson Mr William Hubbert Mr Hale

    Mr Cotton Mr Moody,[42] intreating their advise & counsell in the matter

    in difference amongst us upon the 2 day of november next


    Octob 20 ordination at Newberry messengers from Rowley S P. Captain

    Brottlebank & Deacon Jewitt Mr Cobbet Mr Wheelwright[43] & S P imposed

    hands Mr Cobbet prayed & gave the charg, Mr Wheelwright gave the

    right hand of fellowship .


    The result of the Reverend Elders as to the differences in the church of Rowley


    We whose names are under written being called by the Teacher & Brethren

    of the church of Christ at Rowley, to give them our advise in relation to ye

    uncomfortable differences amongst them, haveing heard both sides as farr as

    time with other considerations would allow, we doe declare & advise as fol


    1 Wee cannot but have a deep sence of the Evill of your divisions in such a time

    of Jacobs trouble, & as they have caused great thoughts of heart with us



    [42] Revs. John Higginson of Salem; William Hubbard of Ipswich; John Hale of Beverly; Seaborn Cotton of Hampton, N.H.; and Joshua Moody of Portsmouth, N.H.

    [43] Revs. Thomas Cobbet of Lynn and John Wheelwright of Salisbury.