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    64     130             1674


     Brother Philips or Church hath unamimously voted to Salem vote &

    voted my self, Mr Rogers Capt Appleton & Deacon Pengrey to signify yr

    dissent to Roots & the rest proceeding soe suddenly in ye gathering of a church

    at Lyn; If your Church should fayl & not doe any thing this way; yet your

    self as an Elder of a neighbour church hath some liberty by law to be pre

    sent at such an assembly & to show your own dissent: And by ys law title eccl

    siastical it is provided yt none out of church comunion here shall gather into

    any church by ymselves without the consent of ye Elders of ye neighbouring churches

    wherfore fayl not I beseech you to come to us tomorrow about 8 of ye clock to

    accompany us to Salem, for I prepose if the weather be tollerable to goe with

    the rest. More I have to inform you of their conbination & strengthning

    their party, & yrfore ye more need to help against the mighty the lord in

    mercy be seen in ye mount.

        Ipsw. 6 decemb 1674.                Yor very own

        Tho. Cobbett.


    When we came to lyn The Elders & messengers of ye 1st Church of Boston with ye messen

    gers of 3 churches were viz Malden Lyn Woodborn (none of ye Elders of the 3 last

    mentioned were ther or consented not) they had in private agreed to goe on in ga

    thering the church appointed Mr Oxenbury for ye moderator he began with a short

    prayer & after yt a speech very breifly and then desired those yt were to be gathered into

    church state to come forth Rootes first mr Higgeson desired that the vote of Salem

    church might be read wherin they manifested their dissent as to that hasty ga

    thering of a church but the Boston Elders did tell him yt yr was noe room for

    his objections it was too late &tc. but at last it was read & alsoe ye dissent of Ipsw

    Beverly Rowly: notwithstanding Mr Oxenbridg put it to vote to ye messengers that

    were sent to what that those yt were of ye mind yt ye work should not goe on should hold

    up their hands Malden Church messengers held up theirs the rest voted for pro

    ceeding and then 3 of ye men Roote Simon Cutler related Gods work upon

    them in wch relations ther were good Expressions & many promises mentioned but

    wthout application to yms: yet I judge in charity that ye persons had some good things

    in them towards God though weak & ignorant insome til yt ye governour & major

    Clark did declare they judged they were not sufficiently prepared or fitted to be the

    foundation of a church and soe the matter was put to an issue

    This work was begun wthout a sermon wch is not usuall all things are sanctified by

    the word & prayer

    Ther was after a breaking out into laughter by a great part of ye congregation at

    a speech of Mr Battres that he did not approve of what major Holbore had spoak

    en wth that ye assembly most of ym broke frely into laughter such carriage was never

    knowne on a fast day that I know of: but whilst we are with God God is with us

    and noe longer

    Decemb 16. 1674 The Church mett about Br Remington business mentioned page

    61 . to hear how farr God had helpt him with repentance for his offences. he acknow

    =ledged by word of mouth that he had done sinfully in both those thing the church

    were offended by and gave in meeting his acknowledgmt as followeth.

      In indeavouring to take away the herbage of an ox gate & quarter

    that I sould unto Br Johnson in ye East end ox pasture doe acknowledg my sin &

    evill therin, & as I have sayd before I doe say soe still that if it were to doe a=

    gaine I hope I should better consider then to doe any such thing & whatsoever

    sin & Evill I have bin observed to have comitted in ye striving to get it againe