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    May 30. 1742. Martha Creasy dismissed

    to ye Chh. in Littleton ––––––––––


    Aug. 22. 1742 Daniel Ritter & Lydia his wife

         dismissed to ye Chh. in Lunenburgh —


    Oct. 31. 1742. Mary Pearson appeared again before

    the Congregation and confessed her Sin of Fornication

    repeated, and was restored ––––––––––––––



    Nov. Mary Brown wife of Nathanael was


    dismissed to the Chh. in Ipswich


    Dec. 12. 1742. Major Pickard junr and

    Jane his wife appeared before the Congrega-

    tion confessed their Sin of Fornication and

    were forgiven and restored to Charity ––––


    Jan. 2. 1742. Dinah Mrs Northends Negro

    Girl dismissed to the Chh. at Newbury —–


    Jan. 5. 1742. Voted by the Church that George

    Hibbert and Aquila Jewet go to Moses Cooper and

    Enquire into the Grounds of the Report yt Sd

    Cooper has been guilty of Fornication, and

    Make their Report to the Church how they

    find it to be —––––