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                     The Church Covenant[58]

    You doe solemnly covena[n]t & promise to fear the lord & his promises

    That (by his help) foresakeing all ungodliness & foremar lusts in your

    ignorance, you doe avouch ye lord Jehovah Elohim one God in three

    persons to be your God & portion

    You doe alsoe own the lord Jesus (the only Supream head & Savior

    of his Church) to be your King preist & prophet

    And doe farther covenant to walk in professed subjection unto all the

    holy ordinances & orders that Christ has appointed in his house, & to walk

    as becoming gods covenanting servant with ye members of this Church

    unto mutuall edification & helpfullness according to ye Rules of ye gospell

    soe long as God shall continue you a member of this Church of Christ


         We alsoe doe acknowledg or selves ingaged by ye same covenant to

    watch over you & to affoared all Xtian helpfullness to yr edification as

    God has required & by his assistance


         [rest of page blank]


    [58] Written by Phillips.