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    Owned ye Covent                    1690  July 27.        16


    A list of the persons that desired upon ye foresayd day to own the covenant

    Tho: Dickenson

    John Dickenson

    Mercy Dickenson

    Jonathan Nelson

    Gershom Nelson

    Hannah Nelson

    William Bointon

    Jeremiah Hopkinson

    Michael Hopkinson

    Ester Hopkinson

    Tho: Jewitt

    Ezekiel Jewett

    Maxemilian Jewett

    William Jewett

    Joseph Thurston owned ye covent ffeby 5. 1688/9

    John Nelson May 7. 1699

    Samll Hedden. March 5. 1699



    Judah Trumble          

    his wife Elisabeth

    John Hobson           March 3.

    his wife Dorcas

    Joseph Peirson



    James Tod              

    Jonathan Dresser

                      March 17.

    Samll Dresser

    Sarah Dresser


    Thomas George

                    March 31.

    Mary George


    Thomas Lambert

      & his wife

    Sarah Lambert            July 14.

    Mary Tod. wife James

    Mary Nelson wife Jno.


    Jonathan Woodman & his wife Sarah

    Margaret Bointon D Caleb.            january 19

    Mary Barker Dr Nathanaell.