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    not know but the other half too, as Witness, the aforesd - -

    This was read before the Church & the Witnesses stood firm to

    their Testimony, –––  The Church reported it as a very ill

    & uncharitable reflection upon the Church by Sd Kelley &

    Desired a Confession of his Sin therein, which He made in the

    following words, and was forgiven & received into the Church

            Samuel Kelleys Confession


    I Desire to be humble under a Sense of the Infirmity of

    my Nature & awfully Considering yt our Saviour in Mat. 5.

    21, 22. ranks railing & reviling speeches uttered in anger

    amongst the Degrees of murder & assures us yt if men

    Suffer their passions to break out into reviling Terms & language

    such as Raca signifying a vain person or thou fool Speaking

    this from Anger or Malice They are liable to the Eternal vengeance

    of God or in danger of Hell-fire. I am very Sorry and desire


    to be humbled for having given way So much to rash anger &


    passion as to Speak So uncharitably of the Chh of Christ in

    Rowley in the hearing of two of the Members of it Some

    time ago at my house as to say, I do not know but the

    one half of you are Hypocrites & the other half too & I pray

    first of all yt God would forgive me my Sin Committed therein

    & nextly yt the Church of Christ here who are Justly offended

    thereby at my unjustifiable anger & uncharitable Censure

    would also forgive me what I have Said to their offence be it

    more or less than is above Expressed & also yt they would

    pray for me yt I may have more power over my Spirit &

    Government over my Tongue & grace to walk more Circum-

    spectly before God & Exemplarily amongst men _____

    Rowley Jun. 6. 1733.           Samuel Kelley


    N.B. Tho Sd Kelley did not acknowledge the same words which were alledged

         against him yet since He So Comily professed before the Church

         that He Could not remember that ever he Said So, and if he did