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                                 8         1667              75


    in Nehemiahs name, & security provided yt Nehemiah should confirme ye

    act of his to Bro: Wood when he came to his 21 y. Age. / The 

    manner was thus .  Bro: Wood got Mr I. Appletō of Ipsw: to draw

    up a deed in forme; & did describe ye bounds of ye Land of

    wch he was to enter upon to be bounded by a brooke.  so as

    that it wrapt in ye Land wch Mr Phillips had claime to, &

    made use of & improved;  the wch deed Bro: Wood tendrs to Bro:

    Pickard & he signed &c:  according to Woods desire. afterward when

    Nehemiah came of Age. Bro: Wood in like manner prfects it wth

    Him. gets it owned &c: / Bro: Wood tells Mr Phillips yt he had

    some land of his made over to Him at Supra. wch made Him

    the Legall poses owner of it, but sayd it was a mistake

    & mr phillips protesteth he understood yt he promised Him to

    have / the Errour amended wn they could meet at Ispwich.

    This deferred some time – at length mr phillips hath occasion to desire

    it might be reformed –  then sth Bro: Wood  no such matter ye

    Land is mine & I will have it. / afterward pulls down ye

    Mr P  fence betw: Mr Ph: & him. mr  Phillips spake to Him

    in a Xtian way of it , he proceedes notwithstanding to pull dow[n][71]

    the Fence agayn & agayn four times –––  Hereon sth mr Phillips

    he hath 1. Broken the 8th Commandmt  in taking away  Remooving

    the Land marke.   the ffence was ye true visible Land marke

    he removes iLegally removes yt & makes ye brooke below it ye Land

    (b) =bounds.    2. (b) ye 9th in breach of promise not to reforme

    this .  & Qu: whither or not ye 10th.

    Bro: Wood answered justifying all yt he had done. and  1. yt he did

    not know when at first he did deale wth Bro: Pickard yt yr was

    any Land of Mr Phillips’s yr.  & yt the man that sold it to Him was

    he yt falsified ye bounds & not He.     2. yt afterward he Knew

    it yt Mr Phillips had land yr, but he did  sc:[72]  threescore

    rodde , & yt he was willing Mr Phillips should have that por

    =ti   But : for yt wch Mr Phillips claimed (had 1 posessed, 2 Mr Apple[ton]

    testifyed was sold by Mr Jewet to Him (& by him given to Mr P.) that

    wch a fence had sevred frō Mr Jewets Land &c: & yrf: appeares to

    to any Conscientis Eye to be Mr Phillips) all that he would not


    give.      We heard & Bro: Dresser pleaded Wood’s cause to

    be Equall & Mr Phillips ought he thought to pt wth about

    (a) five Rodde of Land &c:    The Rest exprssed it to be unjus[t]

    that Bro: Wood had wrapped any of Mr Phillips’s land into

    his deed (as he sayd) Knowingly: especially making yt use of it

    yt he did.   & his Violent breaking down ye fence &c: to be unlo


    Obj: 1. why is this Unjust?  Bro: wood hath bought & payd

    for it.   An:  Buying & selling the matter in ys acts

    is something wch   is yt Rightly belonging to ym yt buy or sell


    [71] MS damage.

    [72] I.e., “scilicet,” or “namely.”