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                              1673             109


    Recommendation from this Church of which she is a member unto your

    Church in order to her more orderly Communion wth you in the Good things

    of Gods house; we doe therfore heerby Recomend this our sister to your holy

                                                                  to her

    fellowship, intreating you to affoard all Christian helpfullness (as becometh Saints)


    for the furtherance of her spirituall Edification in fayth & holiness unto life Eter=

    =nall: And thus commending you & her to the grace of God in Christ Jesus &

    intreating your Remembrance of us at the throne of Grace we take leave

    and Remain

       August 13 1673.

                          Your loving Brethren in ye fellowship of ye gospel

                                      Samuel Phillips.


     A Record of Mr Tho Watsons casting Maxamilian Jewitt

      out of the church with the grounds of it


     July 2 1673 Br Watson being at Marchant Wainwrights to buy wine

    wch as he sayth the Doctors did advise him to drink now & then he

    told the marchant that having upon a wager with hims lost a quart

    of such, he desired to have the quart drawn that he might drink it

    together wth some of our Toun that were ther & then prsent viz Br

    Wood & John Stickney, being very merry he uttered some unseemly words

    scars meet to be mentioned, and cald upon the merchant for his quart of

    such but they refused saying he had Enough, before he went thence he

    took an oppertunity to steel a knife of ye merchants, & as soon as he was

    gone the merchant mist his knife & sayd I am perswaded this Watson hath

    carried away my knife; at the same time Br Watson bought 15 pounds

    of Tobacco of Mr Wainwright wch as ye marchant sayd came to 11s 3d

    witness Br Wood John Stickney & S P to whom Mr Wainwright sayd as

    much: at the same time Br Watson bought 2 gallants of Sack & went

    with his tobacco & sack 1 to goodm Greaves wher setting upon his horse at ye

    gate he called for goodm Greaves his first word to him was drink till you stink

    Goodm Greaves & his wife heard ys & witness it goodm. Greaves asking how how he

    come by his sack that he was soe free of it he replied the marchant

     1. had given it to him; he prest upon goodm greaves to describe who did soe &

    urged goodwife Graves to drink but she refused & drunk none, he still

    intreated her told her it would make good blood but she refused bidding

    him goe about his business afterward at my house he denyed yt yr was

    2 any of his wine drunk at goodman graves: before Deacon Tenny Br Bayly

    Senior & Br Wood

    Afterward be carried both Tobacco & wine to mark Quilters & lodged yr

    that night, & told mark Quilters that all that Tobacco was given him

    3 by marchant wainwright

    mark Quilters askt him wher he had that Good knife he answered that he

    4. bought it with the Tobacco & yt it was waighed wth ye Tobacco

    The next morning Br Wood going to Ipswich he mett Br Watson riding

    home br Wood sayd to him that he feared he had made sad work wth

    his wine & Tobacco, he sayd he had emptied one bottle at mark Quil

    ters onely the sayd Mark had filled it again Br Wood askt him wher he

    5 answered at marchant wainwrights wch upon inquiry was found falls.

    Mark denying he had fetch any sack & mrs wainwright that she or any in

    the hous had delivered any for him