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    December 6 1719  I Then appointed a chh meeting to hold

                    on ye Wednesday following viz Decembr 9. to

    Examine ye case of Jonathan Jewett. at which time ye chh

    met, witnesses were present & ownd ye above sd Testimony ~

    Brothr Jewet denyed not any part of ye Testimony, but only made

    Excuses for going to ye house yt Evening wch were looked upon as

    too slendr ~ at last he produced a Paper Signd by sd Mary Hopkinson,

    wherein she seemd to assert yt sd Jonathan Jewet had never

    comitted Corpll Adultery with her, nor any unchast Actions ~.

    Sd Jonathan also said ~ I Can say as much as is containd

    in that Paper ~ & presented another Paper wherein he

    seemd to Lament his being so Long detaind from ye sacram.t

    & in genll Tearms Expresst sorrow for his Sins, & desire to be

    forgiven ~. Where upon he was ordered to write what

    he could say as to both those points vizt denyal of matter

    of fact according to ye Womans Paper ~ & more prticular

    manifestation of his faultiness; wth sensiblens of the evill ~.

    & to stand suspended ‘till he had so done ~.

    May 1 = 1720 The chh being stai’d, a wrighting from

                sd Jonathan Jewet, was laid before ye brethren

    The Substance of wch was (as to ye case impending) as follows vizt

               To ye Revd Eldr & chh of Xt in Rowley

         Whereas I Jonathan Jewet have been suspended from

         your Comunion &c —— which has been a great griefe

         unto me &c —— & whereas I sd Jewet went to ye house of

         Jno Hopkinson on a Sabbaoth—day—Evening, & tarried

         With sd Hopkinsons Wife longer then Gods people do think

         convenient (tho I had Lawfull busins there) I am very

         Sorry for it, and desire your hearty forgivens yrfor, but

         for ye Corporal actions of Adultery with ye sd Woman,

         I ye sd Jewet do positively deny any Such thing. I also

         desire your prayers yt God would prdon all my Sins of heart

         & life, & yt I may be Enabled to flee from Sin as from a

         Serpent & be more built on ye Rock Xt. & may be an

         hearty Companion of all ym yt fear God & keep his statutes

         & may walk humbly with my God, all my dayes &c —— &c

         This was own’d before ye chh.         Jonathan Jewet

         Upon wch, his suspension was

         Taken off &c __________________