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                                 1675       137                  (71


    was minded to doe any such thing of my self, but had desired of the ch:

    that he might still preach at least till his half year was out; but they

    saw not meet to grant it but by confirming their vote in January had dis

    missed him from preaching any more here he told me he understood noe such

    Vote from the church  I told him they were sent to declare that the

    church had [-] confirmed ther former [----] act in January for his ceasing

    to preach here he told me If I thrust him out of the pulpit I should not

    thrust him out of the Town but he would continue tho he should live as

    long as Methuselah till yr was a councill & then hypocrisy should be

    manifested or discovered & then flung out of the pulpit & went to ye

    first seat below : note I did not desier him to get out of the pulpit

    in answering him to consider with what spirit he left the pew & for wt

    intent; was it not to make ye pp conceive that I had biden him be gone


    one brother that dissented from ye vote desired a councill wch was not desired

    onely they were desired to draw up in writing their objections against the [-] irregu

    larityes of the churches actings touching Mr Shep. wch were such as they conciev

    ed yt they could not joyn wth the major part of ye church at ye lords tabl

    They gave in some quæryes for the major part of ye church to consider off [-]

    wch Br Alin brought to me not untill 20 August 75 | wch is as followeth

         Beloved brethren  Honoured Sr

    For your present you tell us you continue unsatisfied concer=

    ning the carriage

    Wee who remain unsatisfied concerning the Carriage to Mr Sheperd being

    put upon it to give the grounds of or desire of the help of a councill for our

    satisfaction: we present you with these quaeries

    1 Whether a small party of a church according to rule can or ought to refuse

    to give heed to any much more to one, as Mr Shepard was one called by

    the church to dispense to dispense ye word to us; to make the relation of ye

    work of grace on his heart, & the profession of his fayth in order to joyning

    in full comunion with ye church (or not) without alleadging suffitient grounds

    2 Whether a vote soe obtained as that voat was for Mr Shepards noe longer

    Continuing to dispense ye word of God amongst us, to wch we had called him was

    according to rule or not?

    3 Whether any church of Christ haveing called any minister to ye dispensing the

    word of god amonst ym can according to any Rule of gods word put him to silence

    or hinder him in his work, wthout either convicting of some notorious sin or

    evill, or giving him just grounds for their soe doing before such judges as God

    hath allowed for each party to make their defence before


      Upon thes Quæryes we desire the help of a councill to give us satisfaction

    to our minds, that soe we may have light according to a rule of Christ what

    we ought to doe, And we hope if we have done any thing herin contrary

    to Rule we shall be ready to se and acknowledg our fault therin

         Samuel Broklebank      Samuel Platts          Samuell Mighell

         Philip Nelson          William Scales         Jeremiah Elsworth

         Georg Kilborn          Charls Br[?]           Thos. Tenny

         William Acin           Thoms Lambert          Will Tenny

         William Barnton        Leonard Harrington     Richard Lecton

         Edw: Hasen             John Palmer            Anthony Austin

                                 Richard Hollmes        Tho: Remington

                                                         John Wattson