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    70                    4          1667


    to be overtaken & to fall & to fall so fouly, that ye

    satisfaction of so base a Lust should be more precious to

    my vile Heart, then ye will of God, his glory, the honour

    of his gloris Gospell, the credit of his Churches, the com

    =fort of my Deare wife, Relations, neighbours, my own

    Spirituall interest, & what not that ought to have bin

    dearer to me then my Life, or yt Abominable Sin, to be sure,

    And I doe wonder greatly at ye kindenesse of God to such an

    one as I, that he Should provide yt Such as are Spirituall

    should indeavour to Restore such an one , in Obedience

    whereto, & of yt (if thy Brother sin, tell Him)[64] I doubt not

    but you have written this Letter.  which therefore I look on

    as a Letter written from Xt . I perceive you stand in

    doubt of Me & yrfore desire to change your voice wth

    me, and I desire also to doe wth you. If it might be

    for your greater satisfaction, but so it is that my Im-

    =poverisht condition of wch my sin hath bin ye chief occasiō-

    hath put me under many occasions ingagemts of work for my

    Necessity, wch I think I cannot Lawfully neglect to performe.

    Besides yt, wch the providing for My family wch I am bound

    to, are Inconsistent wth such a journey in my Age: I desire

    therefore if it may be yt ye Rule of Satisfactiō can be att-

    =ended wthout my coming down to you that this Journey

    may be abated me. My not writing to you all this time

    I finde is not a little dissatisfactory to you; & indeed since


    I considered of yt matter I find I have done amiss yrin


    ffor I ought to have confesst my sins to you that I might

    have bin holpen by your prayers , but ye ground of that

    Silence was yt I having ō ye Lord’s day made a publicke

    Confession to justify ye Lord & Shame & Condemne my selfe

    & warne others  I did think yt this being Known in all yr

    parts where I had done this dishonr to God & set the Evil

    Example to others was as much as I was to attend, especially

    considring if a Xtian Spirit were in Reports, they would not

    disjoyne yt confessiō  from ye mention of my fall.

    Now deare Brethren what expressions will Serve to repayer Gods glory

    your griefe, or to vent ye great Sorrow yt fills my Spirit

    very ffreely doe I acknowledge with David yt I have greatly

    sinned in this thing , & yt God may justly leave me to an im-

    =pænitent frame of Spirit & cause me to rotte & perish in

    my sin  and blott me out of his book. Uncleane Lusts indeed are

    chased wth extreme divine displeasure [none that goe to her

    returne][65]  that is very few , & especially hath God threatned to

    be avenged on such] as I have bin in this great Sin, whereat I

    desire to feare & tremble, I acknowledge my great ingratitude

    to God who hath taken me so neare to Him, that hath done

    so great things for me in his Son  by his Spirit, & Word

    & people & providences , oh yt all ye obligations & Concern

    of his glory & my own good & ye good of others have in so high

    a Degree bin in this matter by me broken neglected & Contemned

    The fountayne of Originall Corruption I bewayle & see it to be


    [64] Matt. 18:15, Luke 17:3.

    [65] Prov. 2:19.