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    At a legal meeting of the Breatheren of ye

    first Chh of Christ in Rowley held June 30 1778

    Mr Thomas Lancaster was Chosen Moderator

    The Question was put if it be the mindes of the

    Chh to have Mr John Blidenburgh to Come

    and Preach with us and it past in the negetive

    Voted that the Minister that Shall assist

    the Chh next Sacrament Day be Moderator

    for the Chh respecting the receiveing the wife

    of John Pearly into Said Chh

    Voted that this meeting be adjourned

    to the eight of next July then to meet

    at this place

    Meet by adjournment July 8th. 1778

    Voted that it is the mind of the Chh to

    invite the Revd Mr Rogers of Gloster to

    Come and Preach with us if his Chh and

    Congregation be willing for it.

    Voted that the meeting be adjourned

    one hour there being a Parish Meeting

    Met by adjournment

    Voted that Mr Stephen Jewett Join with

    the man the Parish Shall Chuse to invite

    the afore Mr Rogres to Come and Preach

    with us

    Voted to adjourn to the 16th of July Instant

    six a Clock after noon then to meet at this

    place. By a vote befor the Nathll

    Mighill Esqr, Mr Samuel Dresser and Ensn John

    Jewett was appointed to treet with Mr Rogres

    respecting his Comming to preach

    with us and make report at the adjourn-

    ment of this meeting.