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    or sister, ye Widow Burbank, now Wife to John Hardy, dismissed

    to ye church at Bradford. june 13. 1698.

    Sarah Nelson, now Wife to Robt Wadley, dismissed to ye church at

    Exister. Novembr 6. 1698


    or sister ye wife of Thos Eyers dismissed to ye chh at Portsmth may 5. 1700


    July 13 – 1701  Caleb Burbank Daniel Jewett

                  and his wife Elisabeth Jewett did

    all appear before ye chh, Submitted yms. to ye watch &

    Governmt Doctrine & Discipline yrin, and were

    admonished for their sin of ffornication.

    July 27. 1701 } Danll Jewett & his wife Elisabeth

                  made publick confession & were restored &c--


    Sundry years sinc (in Mr Phillips time) Jonathan Look

    (upon his desire) was propounded to ye chh in ordr to his be

    ing admitted to full comunion. & after some time his Rela

    =tion was ready; but some of ye Brethren manifesting

    dissatisfaction on ye Acct. of his marrying a divorced wo

    man & some reports concerning ye man, relating to yt matter

    his admission was deferred. & thô he still renewed his desire

    yet was on ye Same acctt. put by. Some time after Mr Phil

    lips’s decease, Jonathan Look again desired yt he might

    be admitted to full comunion ~ . wrupon I appointed a

    chh-meeting; wrin former things were againe brought on

    foot by some of ye Brethren & considerable dissatisfaction

    manifested pticrly by Br Caleb Bointon who seem’d to charg

    him with being Instrumental to alienate ye womans Affectiō:

    whom he had marryed, from ye man whom she had before marryed

    and yrby occasioned her ye more Eagerly to seek a divorce

    whereupon ye chh voted to improve sd Br Caleb Bointon

    to cleer up that pticr. & help ye chh with wt light he could get

    in yt particr. ~ after a considerable Space of time, we

    had another chh-meeting abt. this matter. wrin Br Bointon

    being desired to produce wt he had done in ye case, did not pro

    duce any thing, but putt off ye matter as thô he had wanted

    full instructions; & sometimes as thô he had not time; & yn

    still ye matter was[141] deferred that he might have more time.


    [141] Conjectural reading.