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    74                           8             1667


    concerning T. Miller, he ye sayd William spake not so much in

    favour of Miller’s Repentance , that indeed while he was in


    Prison at Hartford & fared Extreme hardly in Irons &c:

    then he was willing to heare &c: But his carriage after yt


    lesse was that wch he could not give any such Testimony

    as arguing Repentance. )      It was yrfore agreed on to

    wayt till Bro: Jon Harris & Bro: Swan (yn at Bostō[)] came

    home , or till we might heare more before we proceeded in it.

    Eyther to absolve or Censure /

    June 15. 1667. the church had farther Discourse about it & Bro:

    Swanne attested to ye same yt Bro: Pierson sayd. and it was obj-

    =ected his L.r (Bro: Millers) was an insufficient Evidence (it not being his

     composing or writing[)]

    own to show his Repentance. 2 that he had spoken litle or noth:


    to yt matter of his Cruell carriage to his wife , a thing testifyed first


    of all, by a L.r from William Harris & ye speech of Bro: Jon


    Harris in ye Congregatiō (wch was grounded ō his formr  Wife’s com–

    =playnt to bro: J. Harris her self.) And hearing yt he intended to Come

    it was thought that he was able to prforme a journey, & his presence


    being necessary for ye church to prforme yr Duty to Him , therefore yt


    another should be sent to Him to Desire informe Him  of or Desire (yt he

    Come down] agayn wth ye grounds of or Dissatisfaction mentioned. And wras

    if Ever Tho: Miller should be restored to Church-fellowship, the Xtian Bre–

    =thren at Middleton imbodyeing into Church Estate would be yrin con=

    =cerned mor as Being they wth whom he was to hold Constant Communiō

    & they were most able to testify what his Conversatiō was whither more

    for Repentance,  therefore a Letter to Mr  Collins to be communicated to

      * his Brethren yr was mentioned / to required Desire yr Watch & helpfulln:

    to Him & Testimony about Him ‘ere He were Absolved. / There was so

    much written by B. Miller as to show he was not obstinately impænitent. & yett

    not so much as but yt yr was yet need to inquire &c:

    The two Letters  one to Mr Collins, & ye other to Bro: Miller were

    written & sent. June 17. 1667.



    June. 23. 1667.  Mrs Crosby desired to have her Child baptized & at noone ō ye  


    sabbath-day ye Church’s consent was Desired , two objected. R. S. & J. P. yt

    it was New &c: others Mr Phillips upon knowledge, & two other commended

    her  desired she Might be incraged , a Vote passd & ‘twas carryed by all / some

    few Excepted /


    Bro Thomas Wood


    Aug: 28. 67.  Mr Phillips desired, ye Pastor , Deacon Jewett & Brocklebank . to

    come & heare a Case betw: him & Bro: Wood, Bro: Wood did

    (a)  bring wth Him Bro: Dresser.   Mr Phillips Related, that, about a

    piece of Land given by Mr Appleton to Himself, bordering on ye

    End of Bro: Wood’s Lott on ye same side of ye brook, He had

    offended Him in   The case was thus .  Bro: Wood did come

    by His Land, by Exchanging for it his own house & Lott in an–

    =other place . The Exchange was first wth Bro: Pickard

    and then to Nehemiah Jewett ye inheritor of ye land