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    Thus ye matter rested above two years; when said

    Jonathan Look brought me a paper, The con-

    tents whereof were as followeth vizt. ~ ~

    Septr 3. 1701. }  To or Revd Pastor & ye Brethren

                 of ye chh of Christ in Rowley. The

    humble petition of Jonathan Look, is, yt whereas

    I have time after time desird to joyn with you in ye

    holy ordinance of ye Lds Suppr, and you have kept me

    from ye same uppon ye account of some things wch I am

    accused of by some of ye brethren from ye Information of

    others; you know yt Sergt. Bointon was speaking of some

    things yt were laid to my charge from ye Information of

    others; wrupon mr Paison wch ye chh desired yt Sergt. Bointon

    would take care to know ye truth of those things wherof

    I am accused, and to make it appear. I do not remember yt

    ever I was brought before any Authority on ye Acct. here

    of. I would pray you to Exercise Charity towards me

    as well as to ye discourse of others. I know I am a

    sinner & I desire to be humble undr a sence of my sins

    and ye hand of gd in his dealing with me; and wherin

    I have done any thing amiss toward God or man, in

    word or deed, I am very sorry for it and beg forgiveness

    of God & man; and I do heartily desire yor prayers

    to God in my behalf, yt God would cause yt all his dealings

    with me may work for ye good of my soul thrô ye Ld. Jesus Xst.


    Upon ye receiving of this pap above sd I stayed ye chh


    after meeting Septr. 21. 1701 and this papr, signifying


    to ye brethren yt I thought what Jonath Look had given in, was

    sufficient to satisfie any moderate Xtian, seeing after so

    long a time of waiting nothing was made to appear agst

    him, and giving ye brethren liberty to speak their minds

    there of or brethren expressed their unsatisfyedness still; and

    it was desired they might not be too hard driven. it was

    Answrd, yt above two years waiting & yt after a long time

    of waiting before could not be counted hard driving &c.

    However, to gratifie ym in their weakness to ye utmost, ye

    Church was dismissed at yt time without any further

    proceeding in the case.