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    the Church being duly warned Meet Novr

    the ninth day 1774, Mr. Thomas Lancaster was

    Chosen Moderator for Said meeting.

    Voted that Capt George Jewett Messrs John Jewett

    Humphry Sanders and Thomas Mighill

    be a Committee to join with the Parish Comt

    to leas out the lands belonging to the

    Church and Parish and they are directed

    to do as follows. Viz. To let it out to ye

    highest bider or biders on good Security

    one peace of Village land adjoining to Ensn Jewetts

    homestead containing about Six acres. And

    one peace of land at planting Hill that lies

    on the Southerly Side of the High way is

    to be leased out for the tearm of Nine Hund-

    red and ninty nine years if it be agreable

    to the mindes of the Parish if not that this

    and all the other peaces of upland and

       belonging to said Church and Parish

    Meadow is to be least out for the tearm


    of Seven years from the ending of the

    former leases he or they that hire Said

    Lands is to pay all the taxis laid on Said

       within time of one said tearm

    lands maintain the fence and leave the


    fences as good at the end of ye Seven

    years as it is when they take it

                           Thomas Mighill Clr