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    2. it was Voted That S.d Church is offended

    with S.d Hidden for not attending Sd Meeting

    of the Chh. held on his account, being notified

    to attend it. 3. it was Voted that the Chh. is

    still offended with him for his conduct on Sd

    Lords Day complained of by Mr David Searl,

    notwithstanding what he has offered in way of



     Dec. 21. 1763. the Brethren of the Chh.

    met and upon what Eben Hidden offered

    they Voted 1. That they had received Satis

    faction, for their offence at Conduct com-

    plained of by Daniel Searl.  and

     2. That they were so far satisfied for his offe

    ence in not attending the last Chh. Meeting

    that they would not have him Suspended from

    Communion on the account of it.


    Feb. 19. 1764. Ephraim Boynton was dis

    missed to the 2d Chh. in Lancaster.


    May 20. 1764. Richard Eastick and Ruth his Wife

    Jonathan Smith and Hannah his Wife were dismis-

    sed from their particular relation unto us, provi

    ded yt there be a Chh. incorporated upon or near

    St Johns River in Nova Scotia,[30] according to the


    Order of the Gospel in the province of the Massachu-


    setts Bay in New-England, and yt they shall join with

                           said Chh to be so incorporated


    [30] Following the French surrender of its Canadian holdings to the English, the Royal Proclamation of 1763 prescribed terms by which settlers could, under strict auspices of the Crown, purchase land in the area. At this time a small settlement was proposed at the mouth of the Saint John River in New Brunswick, opposite Nova Scotia, which later became the city of Saint John.