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     Deacons Francis Richard and Edward Paysen were chosen.



    Feb. 12. 1739/40. The Brethren of

    the Church met according to order

    and Chose Lieut. Francis Pickard &

    Mr Edward Payson to the office

    of Deacons in Sd Church ––

    Consented to by the Pastor


    Aug. 10. 1740. Mary Pearson Appear

    ed before the Congregation Confessd

    her Sin of Fornication and was

         forgiven –––––––


    Ano 1741. Daniel Johnson was dismissed to the

         Church in New London

    Ano 1741. Bethiah Wolston was dismissed

    to ye Church in Haverhill


    May 9. 1742. Hannah Mighil was

    dismissed to the Church in Newbury

    and at the Same Time Hannah Palmer

    was dismissed to ye Church in Arundel

    May 23. 1742. Ebenezer Burpees wife was

      Dismissed to the 2d Church in Rowley