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                                 1673.         115


    he took her ye sayd marjery by the arm to lead her & would lead

    her though she told him she could goe wthout leading, but he did

    lead her & as he was soe doing he put her hand into his britches & put

    his privates into her hand, she would have puled away her hand but

    he strove to keep her hand ther: when yy came to ye lecture he show

    ed her his white arm[9] & offered it to her to kiss & because she did not offer

    to kiss it he put it to her mouth, after walking he saluted her & never

    medled with her after, for it was soon after that this and all ye rest of

    his doings were brought out Concerning his carriage to marryed wo

    men it was as followes

    1 Samuel Mighel whilst Moses Bradstreet was single he puld his wife

    upon Moses lap & made him salute her

    2 he puld another woman by her hand as if he would have set her on

    his knee or kist her but she refused & soe he let her alone ever after

    3. Goody Bradstreet a modest & good woman before she was married he often

    saluted her, & after she was married he often saluted her & led her

    throw the feild as she was going home : One Sabbath day he

    came to her house when her husband was going to meeting, his busi

    ness as he sayd for salve for a sore finger, but lookt after none

    for a corrupt heart, he might have come Earlier in ye morn or

    at noon or at night, but he came then & spent his forenoon there

    he desired her to shew him her naked breasts but she refused he saluted

    her & when she shewed dislike he abused ye scripture .1.thes 5 26 kiss

    one another wth a holy kiss arguing thence & from 1 Pet 5 14 yt it was law

    full what he desired, but his kiss was not of yt nature but an unchast kiss

    such as the harlot gave to ye young man 7 prov. 13.

    4 Goody Ally he saluted her several times and above time He shewed

    her his nakedness at wch she was much troubld & made away from him

    and providence soe ordered it yt her husband came in just then & saw

    he dissisted & went his way: Several times ye sayd woman shutt ye

    door when she saw him coming & puld in ye latch 20 times at least

    & sat as if noe body had bin within & then he went his way

     ffor this trade of uncleaness soe long continued in, tho ther was

    some little sorrow exprest yet ye church did unanimously vote for his

    Ejection, which accordingly was executed upon him in ye name of


    Christ wth ye consent of ye church before the whole congregation


    August 31 1673. but Before the passing of the Sentance of ex

    communication he was called upon to consider what he had done

    to ye great dishonour of god the church, & his fathers house, as alsoe

    to ye indangering of his Immortal Soul ____

    To the congregation it was sayd That it was not thought meet to

    mention the particular passages of his unclean carriage wch have bin

    mentioned to ye church already the apostle Sas it is a shame even to

    speak of those things that are done of them in secret 5 Eph. 12. much

    more a shame to do them, yet I doubt not but the most doe know ym

    or if any doe desire to know the grounds of soe Solemn a censure

    they may have private information: Two words let me leave wth all ||

    take heed of covring & concealing such wickedness out of gods way yt is used

    Speaking for ye offendour & wthout amendmnt 2 let all young ones flee youthfull lusts

                                                                  & dalliance


    [9] An archaic euphemism for penis.