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    And she frequently own’d & justify’d ye other part that

    Relates to himselfe viz that she calld sd Jewett an old

    Rogue thô a young man —–. The chh did judge that

    her railing & reviling Speech was unjustifyable notw. all she

    alleadg’d for her vindication and that she ought to confess

    her fault — And these following Lines were offered to her

    consideration vizt.    I submit my selfe unto and am

         willing to hear the chh. —– And awfully considering

         that or Savior in Math 5, 21,22. Ranks railing &

    Reviling Speeches, uttered in Anger, amongst the

    Degrees of Murder:  I am very Sorry, and desire to

    be heartily humbled for having given way so much

    to Anger & passion as to speak so rashly and

    unadvisedly ––––  And I pray ye church & all

    Concerned, to forgive me ––– And to pray for me

    that I may have more power over my spirit

    And Grace to walk more circumspectly before God,

    And Exemplarily amongst men. ––– ––––––

    She utterly refused this offer: but manifested much heat

    and disturbance of Spirit. ––– The chh then very

    unanimously voted ––– That she (sd Elisabeth) should

    abstain from the Sacram.t ‘till she did comply

    With this sd confession or one to ye like Effect ——––

    Understanding yt Mrs Todd was concernd abt her Duspension


    I sent her an forme of acknowledgmt desiring that she


    woud sign it ———————— as follows  viz ———  I DO Justifye

         The chh in bearing Testimony agst bad Language

          In ye Case wherein I am concernd. I am

         sensible yt such kind of Speaking shud not be used

         amongst Christians; nor ought to be tollerated in

         Churches or Families.   I am Sorry yt I have

         bin Left to an evil of yt nature whereby ye chh

         and People of God have bin Justly offended at me,

               I pray the chh to forgive me, and to pray

               for me, that God woud forgive me, & give me

               Grace to walk more circumspectly & Inoffensively

               for the future ———. But she returnd this

                           Paper again, utterly refusing to sign it.