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                     1774                    400

    1009. John Hidden son of Price March 27.

         Thomas Mighills Clerk[52]

    1 Amos Pickard son of Samuel June 19

    2 Mary Dresser Dresser Daughter Joseph


    3 Elisabeth Todd Daughter of Benjmin      10

    4 Amos Dresser Son of Amos July 17

    5 Lucy Gage Daughr Samuel Northend Gage


                     Gage . August 7th

     Jedadiah Jewett son of David

      Babtised By Mr. Lesle      Aug 14

    6 Mary Bayley Daughter of John

    7 Hannah Jewett daughter of George Junr


    8 Ruth Jewett Daughter of Ephraim         30

    9.Abigail Pickard Daughter Ephraim     

    10 Hannah Scott Daughter of Moses.

                                             Decr 11

    11.Moses Pickard son of Jeremiah Pickard

    12 Joseph Sanders Son of John Janu 15th

    13 Sarah Jewett Daughter of Moses Feb 5th 1775

    14 Elisabeth Sawyer Dagr of Ezekiel & Mary

    15 Moses Paul Pay Thomas Payson Son of


      Moses Paul Payson & Derah his wife      March

                           ^                   5th

    16 -- Sewal Pearson son Nathan 

    16 Sewall Pearson Son of Nathan

    17.Thomas Green Son of Thomas

      Green Babtised March 19 . 1775


    [52] Entries by lay clerk Thomas Mighill commence.