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    1674                         135                          (69


    he was a senior, he sayd alsoe before the Toun that I told him when I invited

    him hither that the Toun was unanimous for his coming, & yt I had sayd as much

    when I came to him with the Churches vote for a 2d year, & conserning him to proov

    wer’at he affirmes herein for I never uttered any such thing to him that I know of nei

    ther by word of mouth nor writing

    ffeb. 5 fryday I went to Mr Shepard to se if he intended to help in ye ministry he told

    me yes I intended not to stay yr at all after I had my Answer as to ye forementioned [-]

    question but Br Swan & Br Kilborn being ther they Expressed their desire yt we

    might be reconciled & part freinds as we came together ffriends

    I told him of his irregular carriage in reviling me before his father Wainwright

    he told me had done therin very foolishly & very sinfully & he doubted not but he would

    take off what he had spoake at Ipswich, but in soe saying he forgets aliquid prelit[37]

    his father has not forborn to tell Br Pickard that I have dealt with his Son very

    deceitfully & hypocritically which he could not say but from his sons [--] falls

    information : Mr Sheperd has often expressed his groundless Jelosyes that I was

    not real for his joyning with the church which the 2 brethren that were by

    told him they beleeved I was most cordiall in it had the church consented & himself

    not hindered by the message he sent by brother Wood viz that he was resolved to

    be gone in ye Spring: I told him that such Jelosyes were the bane of freindship

    he told me his ground was that some of my own brethren had sayd as much, but

    I [-] & the brethren speak as we did he sayd he was satisfied & blamed himself for

    entertaining such Jelosyes.

    ffeb. 8. church meeting I declared my offence that brethren should publish out of the

    church what was spoaken in the church The captain for one had soe done as Mr

    Shepard hims affirmed, his answer was that I gave leav saying tell him if you will

    Though did say soe it was a vehement forbidding it or noe other concession yn

    Elisha to those sons of ye prophets goe or Michaiah to Ahab goe & prosper[38] especially wn

    I had before desired that what we spake amongst or selves might not be published

    yt soe It should become town talk The captain answered that he conceived that when

    any thing was spoaken to the reproach of or neighbour wch was fals or not prooved

    to be true such a one might be informed that soe he might clear himself Answ it

    conserned him to speak to me of what I had spoaken & to desire of me to proov the

    complaints as I had promised & was ready to doe & did at this meeting prove 2

    of ye particulars yt about Dr Hoar & yt about Major Pyke: & offered to prove any other

    particular that I had mentioned if they desired it.

    Ther was mention made by some of his evill speech of me before the Town & I desired

    them to examine yr own hearts if any young men had soe spake before a Town against

    Mr Rogers (Tho I was not willing in any respect to be compared with him) and alsoe

    told him to his face that his the vote he put was a peec of nonsense would you have

    offered to urg the stay of such a one with him

    we came to tis conclusion yt ye former vote concerning Mr Shepards abode heere should

    stand, & because some sayd they desired a counsell yt was put to vote but yr was

    but 2 or 3 appeard for it, as for trying the mind of the church about his tarrying

    another year as Mr Nelson 2 or 3 times desired twas answered yt was done al=

    =reedy though I doubt not but if it had bin tried again the major vote would have

    appeared against his continuance heer church votes are not to be made slight of

    when they are orderly put & orderly declared to be full; nemine contradicente.[39]

    I spake wth Mr Shepard before 2 bc Br Swan Br Kilborn concerning my

    matters of offence in 12 particulars & he acknowledged 9 of ym to be Evill &

    took the rest into further consideration: as alsoe some other things offensive


    March 14 1675 David Hasletines wif Deacon Jewitts daughter was

     dismissed to Haverell Church from this church.


    [37] “Something already said.”

    [38] I Kgs. 22:15.

    [39] “No one objected.”