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    84                        18   1667


    2  In that when ye church did once & agayn give

    you compassionate invitations to come to us , you still

    have neglected so to doe though your brethren there

    have advised You to it ––  You prtend dammage to your

    family & estate , but this argues little or no Rep.tance

    have you by yr Sin brought such dammage to your

    estate and are you not willing to loose a litle more

    (if it may be called Losse) ffor God’s honr in ye furth-

    =erance of yr Repentance.

    3. In yt you call not to Remembrance , nor make no

    mention in neyther of your Letters, of yr great Sin

            in such

    in rending a way from this Church as you did ––––

    contrary to ye Councill & Advice yt was then given

    you ; You that made no more of ye watchc & ffell-

    =owship of ye church , it was just wth God to leave

    you to yr own Unwatchfull Heart , & to fellowship

    wth ye unfruitfull workes of Darknesse.

    Our earnest request to God is , that he would follow

    his Ordinance wch hath bin administred in his name

    wth his blessing , that ye flesh may be more destroyed

    Sin & Corruptiō more mortified , Or you may feare

    whither your soule shall be saved in the ye day of Xt.

    Oh yt all that Evill of your’s in seecret that hath

    bin in God’s sight  might be Ever before you to

    humble you ; It will be no easy mr to undoe by

    Repentance what you have done by sin. but Xt can

    give it  Acts. 5. 31. After so much delight in a

    way of sin & agaynst so much Light of ye word,

    Checks of Conscience & warnings by others to be renewed

    by Repentance will not be Easy.

    To your awakening Cons: 1. The greatn: of your sins

    wch ye Light of nature in heathen doth condemn. if

    Abimilech for Isaak sporting wth Rebeccah he con-

    =cludes she is his wife.  Gen: 28. 8; 9.

    2. Considr how much you have done to undoe

    not only your self, but ye soul of her yt is now

    yr wife. when you inticed her how knew you that


    God would give her Repentance, wch God give you both