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          8  Nov. 15. 1665.                             page [illeg.]


    A Record of matters in the Church of Rowley from Nov: 15 1665


    Persons in Church offices  

             he continued [illeg.] 31 years till octob 25 1682


    Mr Samuel Phillips  Teacher & Mrs Sarah. (his wife) & Children Sarah, Samuel

                       George. Elizabeth. Dorcas  Mary [----]

      Mr Samuel Shepard. p. departed this life Aprill 7. 1668

    Mr Edward Paison admitted 15 octob 1682 ordained octob 25 1682 Teacher

    Maximillian Jewet. Deacon mortus[1]

    mort Samuel Brocklebanks Deacon. chosen January. 8. 1665. Ordayned ffebr. 18. 1665


    Deacons ordained   Br John pearson senior

                      Br Ezekiel Jewitt     octob 24 1666 Text 1 Tim 3 13[2]

                      B John Trumbull

    moer William Tenny Deacon chosen Febr. 3. 1667. ordaynd June 7


                        members in full comunion

    Captain Johnson mort

    Mr Nelson  mort                         women

    Br Asy                                  Mrs Dumer

    Br Swan  mortus       Br Browne: d.     Sarah Phillips

    Tho: Tenny            Br foster[3]

    Br John Harrice       Br. [illeg.] Barker        –––––––––––––––––––––––

    Br Tod                Br pearley                   Owned ye Covenant[4]

    Br Pickard mortus      Br Joseph Bointon                  _________

    Mr Tho: Nelson        Br John Peckard Junr                1712

    Br Backer mortus      Br Umphrey Hopson                    _____

    Br William Scales mort John Pierson Junr      Tho Palmer & his wife Sarah  Nov

    Br Dresser mort       John Sawyer          Thomas Wood Senior

    Br. pierson senior     Jonathan Wheler     Henry & Abigail Elithorp  Decembr


    Br John Bayly         Samuel Brotlebank   Thos Wood & his Wife Sarah     Jan

    Br Bickly             Samuel Spoffort   George Kilborn & his wife Sarah 4

    Br Lewis senior mort   Moses Bradford

    Br Scales John mort    Abl Platts

    Br Lecton mort         _ ____  ____

    Br [illeg.] mort                             1713

    Barzilla Backer        Moses Davis & his wife Hannah  May 17

    Br Kilborn mortuos     Edna Northend & Johanna Green  Jun 25

    Br [illeg.]

    Br William Jackson. d.                   1714

    Br Nicholas Jackson    Jeremiah Elsworth & his wife Hannah

    Br [illeg.]            Samuel Tenny & his wife Ann          Jun 5

    Br Ezekiel Jewit       Jemima Bennet & Hannah Nelson Jun 13

    Br Caleb Bointon. d.   Eward Payson                     1715

    Br William Bointon. d. Nathan Hamon 

    Mr Neh: Jewett        Bridget Hammon  Augst 29     Francis Pickard

    Br Tho: Lambert d.    Debrah Searls               Jno Bennet       May 14

    Br Platts senior       Elizabeth White             Lydia Clark 

    Br Palmer senior


    Br Hanes[5]             Ebenezr Clark                William Duty & his wife

    Br Garret Mighel      Elizabeth Donnel  Octobr 17

    Br Prime senior mort[6]  Damaris Leaver              Joshua Swann & his wife [illeg.]

    Br Langton mort

    [1] Conjectural reading; Latin for “deceased.” Jewett died in 1684.

    [2] Possibly the text on which Phillips preached at the installation of the deacons.

    [3] Conjectural reading.

    [4] The entries to the right of the line are in the hand of later minister Edward Payson, who used the blank space on this and succeeding pages to record admissions.

    [5] Conjectural reading.

    [6] Conjectural reading.