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                               11           1667           81


    duty of Love towards Him; as his Spirituall need Shal require

    we have advised Him to make a returne to yours wch

    he hath done inclosed in ours , we begge the Lord, who

    careth for his own to Care for you  guide & blesse you

    in all ye Commandmts. , & this present motiō respecting ye

    & our poor brother  who needs your pitty & prayers, we

    agayn  acknowledge your tendernesse to us  begge yr prayers

    for us who are yours in or Lord Jesus Christ

                                  William Harris

                                  Thomas Allen

                                  Thomas Wetman

                                  Andrew Warner

                                  George Hubbard

    Thomas Miller’s Lr.

                     Middletown  Sept. 20 1667.

    Dear Brethern I yt am unworthy to be called a brother

    have read over your second Lr . for wch I desire yt God wd

    give me a heart sincerely to be thankfull to himself that

    doth yet Stirre up your bowels  to earne toward me.

    that yet you can find in your hearts to labour wth me by

    conviction & humiliation , & turning to God from whom

    I have so fouly backslidden  to ye high dishonr of his Holy

    name  ye scandal of ye Gospel of or Lord Jesus Christ , & ye

    wounding of my own Conscience , ye grief of Gods people &

    especially yr selves wth whom I have bin so long in Covenant: I shall

    as farre as God shalt inable me ; I trust in some poor mea-

    =sure of sincerity , yet take ye shame of this my so horrid sin

    of uncleannesse wth ye severall aggravations of ye same wch hath made

    it out of measure sinfull;  that so ye Lord may have ye Glory

    to whom it doth belong.    I doe not  so farre as I know

    any thing of my poor sinfull heart  desire to extenuate

    any part of this my sin, but doe begge of ye Lord, that he

    would be pleased to give me a true sight thereof in the

    full breadth of it  for he sayd who so hides his sin shall

    not prosper[80] , & agayne yt whosoever Confesseth & forsaketh

    shall find mercy . you are pleased to charge me wth mercyles

    & Cruel carriage to my wife while she lived, whereof I

    cannot change myS. in ye full extent of it , yet thus farre

    I doe own & bewayle my breatch of covenant wth Her,

    wch did  & that justly  cause sore griefe of heart to her


    [80] Prov. 28:13.