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    At a meeting of the Chh held Decr 1779 Voted

    that I should record the following vote

    that was past Decr 1779 and what is contained

    in Said Vote.

    Voted to Comeplye with what was Drafted

    in a paper intitled the pasification and is


    as follows: Viz) have taken place among ye Bror this

    Whereas Some unhappy Differences of


    Chh late Occasioning some degree of dissatisfaction


    among us and papers of Charges have

    been exhibited to the Chh and one paper of

    Charges by Nathll Mighill Esqr one of the

    Breathren against Mr John Blydenburgh

    a Candidate Preacher of the Gospel after

    long debating in Church meetings what

    would be proper to be done to bring ye

    differences to a happy Issue and unitting in

    prayer to the throne of Grace for light

    and direction  are brot to See there

    have been Some Want of the proper exercise

    of Charity towards one another. it is our

    duty and we hereby do take blame to our

    selves ask forgiveness of God and one of

    another and desire heartily to for give one

    another and agree that all the Said papers

    of Charges both that against Mr Blydenburgh

    and those against perticler Breatheren

    be delivered to the Moderator to be destroyd

    so as not hereafter to be made use of

    to the prejudice of any Person we also