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    Name of God in vain a Chh. meeting was appointed to

    be held June 3. 1767. Neither sd. Hidden nor Witnesses

    appeared and the Meeting was adjourned to July ye 1st

    day 10th, both sd Hidden and Malachi Shaw & Zebulon

    Kilgood Witnesses, appeared before the Chh. And after a

    long hearing. It was put to the church Whether they

    were satisfied with wt said Hidden said so as to pass

    over the matter, and it passed in the Negative. And then

    it was put to the Chh. Whether they looked upon sd Hidden

    as having taken dealt with Jeremiah Conner in a

    violent manner unbecoming his christian profession, &

    Whet[h]er the Church had not too much reason to fear yt

    sd Hidden had took the name of God in vain, or had

    spoken prophanely and it passed in the negative.

      At the same Meeting the Revd Samll Perly Grant[32] in an

    accusation or charge of Defamation against James

    Hidden, and evidences to support it, after some discourse

    had the Meeting was adjourned to Wednesday the 22. day

    of July, at 4 o’clock afternoon –––––––

                                     as to adjournment

      The Chh. i.e. 14 of the Brethren Met and a question


    of ys import being put to them, Whether you look upon

    James Hidden to be guilty of defaming the Rev.d Mr.

    Pearley according to his accusation, and 9 of the bre-

    thren voted in the affirmative, with whom the Pastor



      Oct. 9. 1767. The Chh. chose Joseph Scott John

                      with the Pastor

    Pearson & Thos Lancaster to attend the councill of


    Haverhill West Parish for the ordination of Mr

    Joseph Willard proposed to be held Oct. 28. 1767.


    [32] Samuel Perley, minister of Seabrook, N.H.