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    98      164                        1678


                                    A letter of dismission of Samuel Lyon

                        to ye church of Xst at Roxbury, voted in ye church at Rowly

                         August 25 1678

    honourd Reved & beloved in or lord Jesus Xst grace & peace be multiplied to

            you from God the father & from ye lord Jesus Xst ye son of ye father

         Forasmuch as it hath pleased our onely wise god (who boundeth out all our ha

    bitations, in ys or flitting pilgrimmage wher is noe abiding) to remove from us to

    you Samuel Lyons with his family, & understanding by his father yt yourselves & he

    doe desire a letter of dismission from ye Church at Rowley, yt soe he might not onely

    more orderly partake in other priviledges, but be under ye watch of yor church & ye govern

    ment of Xst yrin, wch he is not in capasity to have ye injoymt of , from the church heer

    being soe farr distant from us

    Thes therfor are to signify or consent to his desire heerin, soe yt if you shall accordingly

    proceed to receive him, we doe resigne & dismiss him to yor care & trust, withall

    certifying you yt all ye time he had his abode heer his conversation was blameless; And

    we had Some grounds to hope yt had he continued with us he would have stayed in

    full comunion with us, and as we desire it soe we hope, yt by means of yor prayers &


    stirring up, he will not neglect to yeild hims to ye lord first & to you by ye will of God

                 of God to grant us

     Thus desiring full fellowship with you in ye Spirit, & intreating ye continuance of your prayers to

    God for us we comitt him & you all with or selves to him who is our lord & yours

    In whom we are


    Rowley August 28                      Your Loving Brethren in ye fellowship of

       1678                                the Gospell

                                                            Samuel Phillips

                                                            Maximillian Jewitt

                                           with ye consent of the brethren of ye church

                                           of Xst at Rowley


    A letter of dismission of Mary West Deacon Tennys Daughter to ye church

    of Haverhill her dismission was voted Septemb: 15 1678 given out Nov. 1


    Revered & beloved

    Gods providence It having pleased our onely wise God (who boundeth out all or habitations

    in this or flitting pilgrimmage where is noe abiding) to remain being remove

    Goodman West & his family from Salem heer & to gather him near yor selves; un

    derstanding alsoe that Goodman Wests Wife (who stands in memberly relation to our church)

    desires to joyne in full Comunion with your church, & in order therto desire letters

    of dismission from us to yourself These are therfore to signify ye consent to her

    desire herein, soe yt if you shall accordingly be pleased to receive her we doe

    resign & dismiss her to yor holy fellowship, with all certifying you that though

    she was left (that soe she might know what was in her heart) to a great sin

    even of incestious uncleanness) yet she manifested such repentance for the same as yt

    the church did by vote declare yr satisfaction; & ever since the work of repentance

    has gone on, & we hope that your selves will find that her sin lyes heavy

    upon her heart, & ye lord who is wonderfull in working has done her great good

    by soe great an evill, Thus desiring fellowship with you in or prayers for her, &

    yrin all with or selves to him who is ye our lord & yours; in whom we are yor loving breth_