Numb xxxiii,2, And Moses wrote their goings out

    [their Proceed= According [to] their Journeys, by ye Commandment

    =ings] of the Lord: And these are they__________________

         Ubi Tres, Ecclesia est licet Laici. Tertull. Exhortation

         Castitatis, apud Poli Synopas, i.e.2Thess.1.1.

         In Chh dealing this Rule is to be observd Scil:

         Cunta prinstentanda; Sedimmedicabile Vulnus

         Ense recidendum est, ne Sincerú trabatur


         It is a Rule, Ubi nihil ^certi Statuit Scriptura,Mos Populis Dei

         & Instituta Majorum (modo Sint Secundum Normam Divinam)

         Pro Lage temeanda Sunt.