Chh Records ________


    Then Voted that the Same of Comittee of 5

    be a Committee of the Chh to wait on the

    Council in behalf of the Chh. the day of

    Ordenation __ which was fixed, on the fourteenth

    Day of Jany next. by the Chh & Town at a

    Legal Meeting for that purpose ____

    Then Voted & fixed on 9 oClock ^in ye Morning for the

    Council to be together on said Day. at the

    House of. Capt Seth Morse’s _______

    Then Voted to adjourn this Meeting to 10

    oClock on said day at the House where the

    ordg Council Set_ & was Accordingly Adjourned

    Att  ____  Elijah Brigham  Clerk.

    Jany 4. 1789 being the Sabbath Chh Tarry

    after Service. and Voted to send to the

    1t Chh of Christ in Lebanon to be of the

    ordaening Council, being an Addition of

    one to the foregoing No 14 Chhs. & being

    the Chh in Mr Robbinsons Native place ___

    ___ Then Voted & Appointed a Chh Meeting

    to be on Monday sinight. 4 oClock P.M. to conv-

    erse with ^Mr Robbinson. Respecting Chh Discipline _____

    EB  Clk