( 377. )

    Westborough= Church=___



    The Day being arrived (which before was


    appointed) for ye Gathering a Church and

    ordaining a Pastor over them; and the Rev.

    & Beloved Elders and Delegates being formed

    into an Ecclesiastical Council proceeded in

    very Solemn manner to the^ organization &

    ^ embodying

    The Covenant which was Signed by Each of

    & said work:

    the members was in this Subsequent form

    Westb: Octob: 28. 1724.

    We [whose names are hereun

    :to Subscribed Inhabitants of the

    Town of Wes^tborough in New England]

    knowing that we are very prone to offend

    and provoke the most high God both

    in Heart and Life. thro the Prevalence

    of Sin yt dwelleth in us and Manifold

    Temptations from without us, for wch

    we have great Reason to be unfeignedly

    humbled before Him from Day to Day;

    Do, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

    with Dependence upon the gracious As

    :sistance of his Holy Spirit Solemnly enter

    into Covenant with God, & one wth ano

    :ther, according to God, as Followeth.

    1. That having Chosen & taken the

    Lord Jehovah to be our GOD, we will fear

    him, cleave to him in Love & Serve him in

    Truth, with all our Hearts; giving up or

    selves unto him to be his People, in all

    things to be at his Direction & Sovereign

    Disposal, that we may have & hold Com

    :munion with him, as members of Christ’s