_Chh- Records.

    Benj. Wood to be ye Chhs Messengers to

    Br Fay on this sorrowfull Occasion__


    On the Affair of ye Petition of ye 11 Brn

    after various Debates, Two Papers were

    Presented in Chh Meeting, and by Desire

    were read, tho they were but rough im-

    perfect Draughts, neither of ym signd or

    dated; nor had they been discoverd to the

    Pastor before, yt they might be prepard

    according to Order. __ Nothing was, or

    could be Acted upon either of them

    Voted yt this meeting be further ad-

    journd to this Day three weeks, at 2 p.m.

    at this place. ____

    Apr. 17. Francis, of Francis & Pris.Whipple bapt.


    May 7. The Lords Supper was administred.

    14. Elisha, of Abijah & Susann Gale, &

    Aaron of Joseph & Ruth Harrington, were

    baptizd by ye Rev. Mr Fitch of Hopkinton.

    21. The Chh meeting accg to the ad-

    journmt was prevented by the public

    Troubles & the Alarm to ye people to march

    against the Regulars: but a No of the

    Brethren desird Rev. Mr Whitney to

    mention a meeting to be on that Day

    month __ and the Pastor for the sake

    of Peace consented yr to, & on ye Day last

    mentiond did put ye Brethren in mind

    of it. ____

    May 23. The Chh met. after Prayer

    The Pastor read what he had prepard as

    an Admonition to Brr Saml Fay _

    wc had the Chh’s approbation

    Then was read a Paper signd by

    15 Brethren, 9 of wc were of those