____Chh Records.____


    P.m. Ephraim Bruce & Mary his Wife

    offerd their Confession & Acknowledgemt of

    the Sin of Fornication, & were restord.

    Charles & Martha Bruce, & Ephrm & Mary Bruce

    ownd the Covent and

    Abijah, of Charles & Martha Bruce

    Sarah, of Edwards & Sarah Whipple    baptizd

    Timothy, of Ephraim & Mary Bruce

    June 2  Sarah & Lydia, of Jonas


    and Lydia Warrin of Upton;     bapt.

    Lavinia, of John & Susanna Oake

    Daniel, of Elijah & Sarah Rice

    ____16. Stephen, of Stephen & Thankf. Maynard, bapt.

    ___ 23. The Chh was Stopd and informd of

    the Request of our Brother Noah Rice &

    of our Sister Hannah his wife, now movd

    to dwell at Sutton, that their ^ Relation to us

    ^ Special

    might be transferrd to ye Chh in that place __

    wch Request was Voted and yt a Letter signi

    :fying this, & recommending them to the acceptce

    of Said Chh, be Sent.

    July: 7. The Lords Supper was [admi]nistred__


    _______ 28. Rebecca and Jemima, of Daniel junr

    & Hannah Warrin (of Shrewsb.) baptizd

    Aug. 11. Elisha, of Jonah & Elizth Warrin,

    & Benjamin, of Timothy & Rebcca Warrin        bapt.

    18. The Lords Supper administred __________


    p.m. Levi, of David junr & Ann Maynard, bapt.

    ___ 25. Sarah, of Joshua & Mercy Dowsing (or Townsend)

          baptizd by Rev Mr Barrett.