Phinehas their Son & Abigail their Daût

    :er were baptized. ______

    October 5.  The Church was called

    2d Chh meeting.

    together (a Second Time) to either con

    firm their Choice of Deacons made

    in February 1725; or make a new

    Election; & to Consider the want of

    Sufficient vassels to carry on the or-

    :derly Celebration of the Eucharist.

    The meeting was opened with Pray-

    :er to the Supream Bishop of the

    Chh for Divine Direction & Conduct


    in the Affair undertaken. The Address

    ended, the Ends propos’d were declar

    :ed; but Examining into the numbres

    present & Comparing them wth those

    yt were not with us, we found there

    was but a minor Part of the Church


    Considering with all, the Importance of

    Every Such Matter in a Church (as hath

    reference to its officers) any proceeding

    to the Bus’ness mainly design’d, was by

    every one declin’d.  and Since there must

    be a new Appointment the other matter

    abovemention’d was likewise defer’d

    to another Opportunity, after it was

    Somewt discours’d about. So yt having

    again Supplicated [--] Benediction from

    God & appointed our Re-assembling on

    this Day Se’nnight the meeting conclud

    :ed. _____ Care was taken that as our

    Bus’ness was put off and another meeting ap-

    :pointed meerly because there was not a

    major Part of the Chh, & so ^ all those that

    ^ so

    are absent Should be du^ely notifyed and

    urged to attend ye next meeting.___